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Our Origins

Scented Origins honors the tradition of fragrance as an experience. Let our thoughtfully-sourced botanical oils take you on a journey.

Founded In The Forest

We use 100% pure botanical extracts. Fillers and harmful additives have no place in nature, or your home. Our luxurious fragrance oils transport you to the lavender fields of France- never a lab.

Coastal Roots

We blend and package our products by hand, right here in California. No dusty conveyor belts or diesel, just a sunny studio full of essential delights and salty breezes. When we say small-batch, we mean it.

Branching Out

We grow organically. Keeping our supply chain and processes aligned with Mother Earth means we never miss a chance to do the right thing. The best route to a lighter footprint is always evolving, and we're committed to sustainability with every step.