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Making Mother Proud

Just a few things we do without being asked.

Good Neighbors

When we borrow something from the Earth, we return it. Our sustainable farming partners actively participate in replanting efforts, biodynamic composting, and operation-wide recycling. Hand-harvested yields reduce greenhouse gas emissions and terrain erosion, allowing future generations to continue in our footsteps.

We Grow Together

Stewardship extends far beyond our care of the land that cultivates our luxury fragrances. Scented Origins supports Fair For Life, a certification standard that strengthens the supply chain by enriching the lives of those most vital to it. This program ensures wider social and economic benefits to our harvest communities while maintaining the unique cultural identities of our global farms.

Air & Square

Our luxury oils are blended for a pure diffusing experience free of harmful petrochemicals or solvents. Unlike synthetic fragrances, our blends are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. At Scented Origins, we believe every cleansing breath should be clean. It’s like Om always said.

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